Working Professionals

Vconnect was born out of a necessity to help create connections that count between service professionals and businesses looking for their services. VConnect helps connect Trusted service professionals to businesses for all their service needs. Whether it be office repairs, or redoing the interiors, or availing financial services for businesses, Vconnect connects businesses with the best service professionals to get things done.

We are committed to making meaningful impact through continuous innovation to meet the dynamic needs of Enterprises and empower them by creating a system that delivers better value through easily accessible information and connections with the right service businesses.


To provide a quick connection with reliable and affordable service providers using technology.


To Be The Leading managed services marketplace for busy professionals in Africa.

Core Values

Every relation should start with trust and being transparent is key. Trust yourself is the most important thing
Keeping yourself in the others shoe, Mutual respect, Valuing others interest equally, WIN WIN
Break the problem into the smallest bit and identify solution that best suits your need. Using tech makes the process scalable
Idea come dime a dozen, but the commitment required to realize those ideas is key.