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What our users are saying

  • Came across Vconnect for the first time from facebook. Got calls from 3 different Business owners in less than 30mins of my enquiry, still in discussion with 2 people, they've sent a lot of their works to me, which I really like and their follow up has been encouraging. Will surely use Vconnect again and recommend.
  • Was discussing with a friend about getting a wedding planner and she introduced me to Vconnect. 2 people have called me, still in discussion with just one and like his customer and relationship skills. He is also from my hometown too, which i like. I feel secured and comfortable using Vconnect. Vconnect has taught me that I can get anything at the comfort of my home.
  • Used Vconnect a couple of times to get addresses, but first time making an enquiry. Been battling with bedbugs and needed to get rid of them, stumbled on the ad on facebook, about 4 people called, I enquired, and believe me, the calls from the Business Owners woke me the next day, got calls from about 4 people but eventually concluded with Kay Fumigation and the job has been done, Vconnect is splendid. A job well done. Prompt and very satisfied.
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    Hire professionals that have been carefully vetted for our Get Quote service.
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    Compare prices and save money.
  • Guarantee
    In the rare event of a damage, your property is protected against damage up to #500,000.

What our businesses are saying

  • I would say the Vconnect process is creating opportunities to businesses. It’s one of the best methods of linking up service providers with service users locally and internationally. It’s superb, fast and easy for both parties. Kudos to the entire Vconnect team for this excellent business model.
  • I commend this great initiative by the Vconnect team in getting the right kind of audience to my business in the simplest ways possible. With easy access and interaction with potential clients to my business, I view this platform as the next phase in modern business connections.
  • I appreciate what Vconnect is doing, its helping me reach out to people I could not reach on my own. If i had known you since, i would have registered a long time ago. I get like 4 people every day. It’s amazing and I love that. I didn’t believe it will come this way. I have recommended so many people. Thanks to Vconnect.
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