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  • Havnthreads

    Fashion Designer
    I bumped on vconnect while I was scrolling through social media. Got curious and read more about it. I knew it was going to help me improve my sales. After I enrolled, I realized it was the perfect system for getting leads - I get few good leads everyday. It's been an awesome experience without hassles. I say: if you are a business, Vconnect will get you potential clients of choice.
  • SISA Travels and Tours

    I initially generated leads for my business from a company in India but the moment I heard Vconnect is doing it , I was shocked I said lets give it a try. I get 5-10 leads on daily basis and in my first week itself I started closing sales. Kudos Vconnect !
  • FixNG Repair Services

    Mobile Phone Repairs
    Vconnect has the solution to many problems with a user friendly Web app and a very scalable system. I have gotten 4 active customers from Vconnect and will recommend Vconnect to any business person.
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